Michael Jackson becomes Muslim and reverts back to Islam




Alot of things are not adding up. The biggest being that if he was muslim then why is he not buried yet.

There is a probability that Michael Jackson could be muslim. His brother Jermaine in statement mentioned at the end “May Allah be with you”. Even Imam Zaid Shakir says that reliable sources say have told him that Michael is muslim.

If he is muslim he should be buried as soon as possible within 24 hours.

A guide to a Muslim funeral

PS. The plot thickens..

Doesn’t look like he sang the Kaba wall song .. Irfan Makki sang it.. the uncertainty continues..(check video at bottom). He was also planning to have 50 final curtain concerts in London.

Allah knows best whether he was muslim or not.

what this post should teach you never believe anything especially on the internet with out checking things out..

Comments on Michael Jacksons passing from famous muslims around the world

Upon The Passing of Michael Jackson

By Imam Zaid Shakir on 25 June 2009

Category: Civility

Like the light of a meteor streaking across the crisp, cold, clear sky of a winter’s night, Michael Jackson streaked across the sky defining this country’s cultural horizons. None of us coming of age in urban America will forget Michael’s debut onto the public stage with his brothers as part of the phenomenally successful Jackson 5. Hit after hit, “I Want You Back,” “ABC,” “The Love You Save,” “I’ll Be There,” rocketed up the Billboard Charts to number one. I can still reel them all off from memory some forty years later. For better or worse, they are indelibly etched into my mind, and have played a part in defining my soul.

Although I was a couple of years older than Michael, I joined the ranks of unsuccessful Michael Jackson wannabes. At the time it seemed worth the effort as all of the girls had gone head over heels for Michael, and just a fraction of his dynamic appeal could reap huge dividends in terms of one’s popularity. The ‘hood was in love with Michael and he apparently had the talent to fulfill the lofty and ever increasing expectations placed upon his slim young shoulders.

However, as the sixties rolled, or limped, into the seventies and the Jackson 5 began to cool off, eventually leaving the Motown label that had launched their incredible success, many of my friends, as well as myself, were attracted to different musical genres, more mature fare. Topping my personal list was WAR, Stevie Wonder, Santana, and Mandrill. I also began to listen to a lot of jazz, and accumulated quite a large album collection. Whenever, I received my weekly wages from whatever job I was engaged in at the time, and I had many in my youth –security guard, lathe operator, UPS warehouseman—I would head straight to the record store and add to my collection.

What I couldn’t afford to buy, I would get from the radio, my preferred listening hours were three and four o’clock in the morning, when the brother manning the controls at an FM station coming out of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut would put out some serious jazz. I would stay awake listening until just before dawn, sleep a couple of hours and drag myself off to work.

As the years went by I lost that passion for music. Perhaps my waning interest was aided by my little nephews who turned part of my album collection into a stack of customized frisbees when I went off to the Air Force in 1976. It was definitely aided by Islam. After my conversion in 1977, there was no one around to tell me that music was Haram (forbidden). However, as I grew in the religion, the enchanting melodies of the Qur’an became far more appealing than the increasingly commercialized musical fare. For example, George Benson’s offerings starting sounding more like Muzak than the rifts of a jazz purist who rivaled Wes Montgomery.

I would eventually give away what was left of my record collection. At the time I had left the Air Force and was studying in Washington DC at American University. However, I lived a few blocks from Howard University. I drove over to one of the used music vendors on the edge of the campus and made his day as I unloaded a box of cassette tapes and albums.

During those years I had lost touch with what Michael Jackson was doing. I knew he had “blown up” as the young folks say today and that as a solo performer he was reaching heights of fame and popularity that not even Elvis had obtained. I would also read in the tabloids that caught my eyes as I waited to check out at the grocery store of the increasingly strange exploits Michael was involved in, the plastic surgeries, something about the bones of the Elephant Man, rumors of him sleeping in a transparent, refrigerated crypt, the allegations of pedophilia, the fantasy ranch in California, and on and on.

It was obvious that Michael was troubled. For sure the physical and psychological abuse visited upon him by a sick father was a large part of the problems that were plaguing Michael as he moved further into his adult years. Surely, the childhood that was denied him as he was thrust into the sinful rigors of show business at the tender age of eight, opening for strip tease acts on the “Chitlin’ Circuit,” in smoke-filled rooms wreaking of alcohol, was part of his troubles. Surely, the confusion of being caught between a devout mother struggling to raise her children as Jehovah’s Witnesses and a fanatically strict, violent and obsessive father was part of part his problem.

But I was only able to catch glimpses and snippets of Michael’s seemingly disintegrating life from a distance, hearing a bit here from a well-meaning niece, or catching a bit there on television, before I would take Jerry Mander’s advice and relegate my television to the garbage heap. If Michael was becoming a side show he wasn’t performing for me. Caught up in Islamic activism, during a time my friends and I refer to as “the heady days of the revolution,” I had little time to reflect on such matters, I was too busy trying to do my part to change the world.

However, last year Michael’s name came up again. A good friend who is a reliable source of information called and said that Michael had become Muslim. Allah knows best if he did or did not. However, Michael was no stranger to the religion, having been exposed to it by his brother Jermaine, who had converted to the faith in 1989.*

Now Michael is gone. Hopefully, he had found peace in Islam. Hopefully, the tears he cried in the privacy of his oftentimes lonely world, tears described by Smokey Robinson as those of a clown, shed when no one’s around, had dried. Michael was an icon, a pain-filled, troubled icon, and like many of comparable stature before him, and inevitably many after him, his fall was sudden and unexpected. Hopefully, his faith, if he did indeed convert to Islam, helped to cushion that fall.

* An earlier version of this article mentioned that Dawud Warnsby had assisted in Michael Jackson’s conversion to Islam. He has denied that. This article has been amended to exclude that claim. In writing this essay, I was given information from sources I considered reliable that Michael had indeed become Muslim. Obviously, the part about Dawud Warnsby is not true. However, there have been many reports throughout the media concerning Michael becoming Muslim. Allah knows best as to their veracity.


Did Michael Jackson Die As A Muslim? by Yasir Qadhi Friday

The biggest news all over the world yesterday was the death of one of the most famous musical artists in recent history, Michael Jackson. As the hour long television specials, radio playlist tributes, and music video marathons already began on the same day, many Muslims are left wondering, “was Michael Jackson a Muslim?”The short answer? It’s hard to say.

The long answer? Initially it began with rumors years back that he had joined the Nation of Islam. On top of that, Jermaine Jackson, his brother, is a known and confirmed Sunni Muslim, which added another ingredient into the mix.

Then in November 2008, various news sources reported that Michael Jackson had officially accepted Islam, as he had been interested in it since 2005 with the help of his brother Jermaine. Other news sources claimed that Muslim artists Dawud Wharnsby and Idris Phillips were also involved in his acceptance and that they were present when he took the shahadah (testimony of faith), and even that he was also meeting with singer Yusuf Islam, the former Cat Stevens.

But since then, not much else had been said about his acceptance of Islam. What’s more confusing is taking into account recent statements both Dawud Wharnsby and Yusuf Islam that not only were they not involved in the reported shahadah, neither of them has ever met the pop star.

Dawud: “For the record: Though our professional circles did cross-over slightly with various common professional acquaintances – I never had the honour or pleasure of meeting Micheal Jackson personally, nor did we ever correspond on matters of our professions, personal lives or faiths.”

Yusuf: “Contrary to persistent press rumours, I was not at any kind of conversion ceremony for Michael Jackson. Nor, I believe, was Dawud Wharnsby or any of the others mentioned in connection with the story. Granted, I was in Los Angeles at the time these rumours first appeared – but I was busy filming a video for a new song, Boots & Sand.”

Here in Chicago, after the congregation of the Isha prayer, the Imam of a local masjid mentioned that he called up Dr. Muzammil Siddiqui in California, former president of ISNA, in hopes of finding any confirmation on the day of Michael’s death about his acceptance of Islam. Nothing was set in stone. With speculation having come up in the aftermath of his death, this is why I wish to bring it up here.

So the question is this: With no real answer (yet) as to whether Michael Jackson truly was a Muslim or not, what should be our position in regards to his death?

The answer is simple. Regardless of what the real answer is, we should hope he died Muslim. And that’s not just because he’s a celebrity or because we may have grown up listening to his hits, but because we as Muslims want the salvation of all mankind.

Islam is the best and most perfect way of life for all of humanity, and we want all manking to accept what we believe is the way to live mandated by God. And if that happens to be the most breakthrough artist in the history of pop music, then alhamdulillah, all praise be to God, may he be forgiven for all of his shortcomings.

If he’s not, then we leave his fate with his Creator as is, and hope more people like him are guided to accept Islam and help in spreading the message to the masses. And until we have some clearer answers to our questions, I feel this is the position we need to have as Muslims. We pray that Allah (SWT) guides more people to Islam.

Yusuf Islam, Dawud Wharnsby and Hamza Yusuf reaction on MJ’s passing.

Friday 26th June 2009

Michael Jackson’s Death – Yusuf Islam

Following yesterday’s tragic news of the death of Michael Jackson, Yusuf, writing from Los Angeles, sent the following message:

“It’s always inevitable, but a shock when death comes. With Michael, it seems to me even more shocking, and I feel very sad. He seemed to have the heart of a child, though he was a giant of a musician. The moment I heard he had been taken to hospital, the worst was anticipated. I hope he finally worked out his purpose in life, before he left it. I just discovered his middle name was Joseph. He’ll be missed.”



Friday, June 26, 2009

The Passing of Michael Jackson – Dawud Wharnsby

From the same source of life – we all come, and inevitably so we must all return.

The passing of artist and performer Michael Jackson yesterday was quite a shock to many. My thoughts and prayers are with the Jackson family during this difficult time – and especially with Micheal’s young children. May they be protected from the media machine that so tragically tore up much of Michael’s life, while ironically celebrating him as one of the world’s most incredible and dynamic performers.

Like many of my generation, the music and public persona of Michael Jackson were a great part of my youth. My serious interest in music began at age 10 when I first saw Michael perform on television, shortly after his “Thriller” album had swept the world. His charisma, uninhibited passion for his art and his unique style filled my head with dreams of one day being able to share my own music with the world.

Few can come close to claiming even a fraction of what Michael accomplished during his career – from child-star as lead singer of the Jackson 5, through his work in “The Whiz” and onward to a solo career as an artist in an absolutely unparalleled musical/performance domain. Michael’s work and music bridged the world and generations. His choreography, concert formats, music videos, album production, charity efforts (“We Are The World” in specific) all set a standard that few could rise above.

Over the years the media scrutiny, mockery and sensationalizing of his personal life always angered me. During the very difficult times of his career I always supported and defended Michael – admiring him for remaining artistically driven and gracious to his supporters.

Each day people with tremendous lives pass from this world – farmers, students, cab drivers, children, elderly retired teachers, soldiers and parents. Who are we to judge the degrees of their “success” or the levels to which their lives touched the lives of others? Each day we should morn the losses of the world’s valuable contributors, and each day we should celebrate the positive achievements of all our earth’s inhabitants.

With that in mind, I write these expressions not because “Michael Jackson the Super Star” has passed onward, but because a guy named Michael inspired me to sing, dance, smile, be gracious with those who shared my art with me and above all (as Michael would say whenever accepting an award) “Thank God” for all the wonderful adventures of life.

May Michael’s music carry on for many, many more generations – inspiring people to dance, dream and hope for a better world.

Lastly – many have been in touch with me over the past year to inquire about my personal relationship with Michael Jackson. A November 21, 2008 Sun (UK) article spread internationally stating that Michael had adopted the religion of Islam through friendship with both myself and my colleague Idris Phillips during recording sessions in Los Angeles.

For the record: Though our professional circles did cross-over slightly with various common professional acquaintances – I never had the honour or pleasure of meeting Micheal Jackson personally, nor did we ever correspond on matters of our professions, personal lives or faiths.


dawud wharnsby

source: http://www.myspace.com/wharnsby

Hamza Yusuf Response to Michael Jackson death

Shock Dead, Everybody’s Gone Mad: Reflections on the Death of Michael Jackson

By Hamza Yusuf

On the news

Everybody’s dog food

Bang bang

Shock dead

Everybody’s gone mad…

From “They Don’t Care About Us” by Michael Jackson

As a little boy, Michael Jackson had an extraordinary charisma — as well as an absolute innocence — that was disarmingly charming. It captivated millions of Americans and eventually people around the world.

As the years went by, his career took strange turns and he slowly turned white, transforming his face eerily into a pale and ghastly masque, perhaps to conceal the pain of alienation from his own self and family. He was also rumored to have unsavory predilections that would never have been suggested if one used the rigorous criteria of Islam before hurling an accusation. Despite the rumors, he appeared to have had a genuine concern for children, wanting to provide them with a world that was denied to him as a child due to the abuses he claimed to have suffered.

I was very happy for him last year when he reportedly became a Muslim. He had apparently followed the footsteps of his dignified and intelligent brother, Jermaine, who converted to Islam 20 years ago and found peace. It seemed befitting that Michael sought refuge from a society that thrives on putting people on pedestals and then knocking them down. He was accused of many terrible things, but was guilty of perhaps being far too sensitive for an extremely cruel world. Such is the fate of many artistic people in our culture of nihilistic art, where the dominant outlet for their talents is in singing hollow pop songs or dancing half-naked in front of ogling onlookers who often leave them as quickly as they clung to them for the next latest sensation.

In the manner of Elvis or the Beatles, Michael is unwittingly both a cause and a symptom of America’s national obsession with celebrity, currently on display in the American Idol mania. Celebrity trumps catastrophe every time. Far too few of us make any attempt to understand why jobs are drying up, why mortgages are collapsing, why we spend half-a-trillion dollars to service the interest on the national debt, why our government’s administration, despite being elected on an anti-war platform, is still committed to two unnecessary and unjust wars waged by the earlier administration, wars that continue to involve civilians casualties on an almost daily basis. Instead, we drown in trivia, especially trivia related to celebrity. And the response to Michael’s death is part of the trivial pursuits of American popular culture. The real news about death in America is that twenty Iraq and Afghan war veterans are committing suicide every day. But that does not make the front page nor is it discussed as seriously as the King of Pop’s cardiac arrest.

Nevertheless, Michael’s very public death notice is a powerful reminder that no matter how famous or talented or wealthy one is, death comes knocking, sometimes sooner than later. Michael has now entered a world of extraordinary perception, a world that makes his “Thriller” video seem mundane. It is a world of angels and demons, and questions in the grave, a world where fame is based upon piety and charity. Given Michael’s reported conversion to Islam last year, Muslims count him as one of our own, and we pray that he can finally find the peace he never found in this world and that he is in a place, God willing, of mercy, forgiveness, and solace.



Looks like i made a mistake regarding the song below. It looks like this Irfan Makki is the singer of this song. He really sounds the same.



I found this on youtube and this sounds like MJ. Many mistake Zain Bhikha give thanks to Allah as Jackson but this one does sound like the real thing.. If you want to see the similarities between the two artist watch this video and the one at the bottom..”I am a muslim”


Allah Knows best if he is or is not muslim.


The king of pop Michael Jackson has reverted to Islam and changed his name to Mikaeel.

Jackson, 50, was dressed in the Islamic garb as he pledged his allegiance at a friend’s house in Los Angeles. He sat on the floor as an Imam was called to officiate the ceremony.

Michael Jackson reverts back to Islam

Michael Jackson reverts back to Islam

Jackson, who was raised a Jehovah’s Witness, decided to revert/convert after discussing religion with a music producer and songwriter on his new album – both of them reverts/converts to Islam.

“They began talking to him about their beliefs and how they thought they had become better people after they reverted/converted. Michael soon began warming to the idea. An Imam was summoned, and Michael went through the shahada, which is the Muslim declaration of belief,” a source was quoted as saying.

He was convinced to turn to Islam by producer Phillip Bubal and songwriter David/Dawud Wharnsby.

“They began talking to him about their beliefs and how they thought they had become better people after they reverted/converted,” a source told Britain’s The Sun newspaper.

“Michael soon began warming to the idea.”

Singer Yusuf Islam – formerly known as Cat Stevens before he also reverted/converted to the religion – attended the star’s declaration of belief, known as the shahada

Jackson, who was raised a Jehovah’s Witness, decided to revert/convert after discussing religion with a music producer and songwriter on his new album – both of them reverts/converts to Islam.

“They began talking to him about their beliefs and how they thought they had become better people after they reverted/converted. Michael soon began warming to the idea. An Imam was summoned, and Michael went through the shahada, which is the Muslim declaration of belief,” a source was quoted as saying.

Why say reverted and not converted to Islam? Muslims believe that everyone is born in a state of fitra, in a natural state and are born as Muslims.

Mikaeel is the name of one of Allah’s angels. Mikaeel is the angel who is controlling rain and vegetation by the order of Allah

Mikaeel is the name of one of Allah’s angels. Mikaeel is the angel who is controlling rain and vegetation by the order of Allah

I am a Muslim by South African artist Zain Bhikha who sounds like Mikaeel Jackson for Hijaab a women’s security blanket article

Michael/Mikaeel Jackson will be appearing in court on Monday in London as he is being sued by a prince in Bahrain for not fulfilling a album contract. According to the PA it seems like the sheikh was a generous friend to MJ. Most of the lavish spending were gifts to him.


Obama bitter sweet victory – as his Nanima – maternal grandmother passes away

The first black African American president vs the first woman vice president or first woman president. History in the making. The winner will have lots of work to do especially regarding the recent economic crisis.

Barack Obama, with wife Michelle and daughters Malia Anna and Natasha

Barack Obama, with wife Michelle and daughters Malia Anna and Natasha

Obama – rolling up his sleeves

The final round of campaigning are almost over. If you notice Obama always has his sleeves rolled up. These are signs that he ready to get working. Signs of a man that wants get his hands dirty and fix the problems at home. Obama firmly believes he can change the country. With his sleeves rolled up it looks like he is ready to mop up all the mess made in the past.

Obama sleeves rolled up

Sad news on his part his Nanima Madelyn Dunham – maternal grandmother passed away at 86 after a long battle with cancer. Today will be his defining moment. Unfortunately she didn’t get a chance to vote for her grandson.

Hope his Dadima – paternal grandmother from Kenya Africa has a TV and will be watching how her grandson will become the most powerful man in the world.

Obamas Nanima Madelyn Dunham- Maternal Grandmother passed away on Monday

Obamas dadima - paternal grandmother

Obama’s dadima – paternal grandmother Sarah Obama

Mcain – the sad grandpa

Mcain is very old and battles with cancer like obama’s nanima. Will he make it through his whole term. If he wins and doesn’t last till the end.. will America have it’s first woman president, Sarah Palin – as she calls her husband “the first dude”- Tod Palin – snow mobile champion of the world.. is she insinuating what we all thinking..

Mcain Palin

Mcain Palin

Indiana is the battleground.

Find voting location



Nanima was finally exposed and the mask removed. With all the makeup I am not sure if they put a mask on me. Nanima.co.za co founder was interviewed yesterday on SAFFRON TALK on DSTV 456. I was very surprised as I thought it was going to be aired next week only and would give everyone advance notice to watch it. The topic of discussion was Online Dating. Nanima discussed the only online shariah compliant matchmaking website she knows. Watch the interview and get a chance to win a great prize. Answer to the competition will only be seen on the interview. See competition section for more details. Anyway, lucky for us SAFFRON TV runs in loops so they will be repeating the SAFFRON TALK interview at the following times.

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For Thabo’s Sake

FOR THABO’S SAKE: By accident I heard about the Thabo drama last week Friday whileI was driving and waiting for the traffic report. The past weeks felt like I was living happiliy in a cave under a rock. I didn’t watch or hear the news. Although I am on the internet all the time I rarely visit the news sites. It just keeps me sane. Yesterday when I was listening to the traffic report of doom again, I was shocked to hear that half the cabinet resigned.

Xenophobic Crisis

Xenophobic Crisis

Everyone seems, so use to, Thabo’s Business Unusual strategy (power crisis, xenophobic crisis, Zimbabwe crisis, price hike crisis) this year that most people don’t even feel phased by all the recent developments. For the rest of South Africa it seems it is business as usual whether Thabo and his gang stays or goes as long as Trevor stays. Others wished Maak Jou Bang Msimang would follow the leaders. To that I say, it can’t be an easy job to be health minister. Nkosana was in the same boat previously and was also drowning. Although I am not Maak Jou Bang’s biggest fan, there was some truth in the benefit of beetroot. To all critics of the health and other ministries, I say, if you have so much to say about how the departments are being run, stop being a spectator and start playing the game. Get of your high horse, roll up your sleeves and if you have a problem with it, help fix it, shut up or hamba. For all of those that have lived in this country for years and reaped all the fruits and are fleeing the country and taking all our valuable resources overseas, I say, I hope Trevor comes back and puts a tax in place that taxes all you flee bags.

To Thabo Mbeki I say, start your own party, take all your chomies with you and then let’s have an election that can separate the man from the boys. Just remember to make your party colours similiar to your former party so it can confuse majority of the voters.

Worried Leader

Worried Leader

The other thing that concerns me is there is a lot of sing song, mashiniwaam, mashiniwaam, which for all those that don’t understand means machine gun, machine gun. With such slogans no wonder JZ has die hard fans that are willing to kill for him. The youth leaders are in desperate need of some guidance. They will never be 1976 heroes if they act the way they are acting. They really need to learn to think before they speak such outrageous things. Who are they going to kill? Their own brothers and sisters. After they kill, they will just end up in jail and how is that going to help anyone. It seems that youth were also involved in the Xenophobic crisis earlier this year. It makes you wonder if the youth are not being used in some sort of conspiracy to topple the current government. All the business unsual seems very sinister, like some dark forces are trying to destroy this beautiful democracy we have built.

Hector Peterson - Youth Hero

Hector Peterson - Youth Hero

To JZ, I say, you have presence because you relate to the man on the street at grass root level and it looks like you may have power soon as well. Please choose your cabinet wisely and build this country from strength to strength.

The Zulu Warrior

The Zulu Warrior

The most amusing thing I heard about the Thabo trials was, a man called in and said, a few years ago on the Felicia Mabuza Suttle(wonder where she is hiding) show, before the first democratic elections a sangoma was interviewed. Apparently he predicted many things that have happened the past years regarding financial crisis. The interesting thing the bones told this sangoma was that a president will not finish his term. The even more interesting thing the sangoma told the audience was the South Africa will have a Muslim president in the future. Eish!!! Whose joining the new new NP, the Nanima Party.

The Nanima Party


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWA8tfAOJj8 -Teamwork and Unity Video

or click on Picture

Teamwork is Dreamwork

Teamwork is Dreamwork

Why are all my Muslim colleagues acting so weird?

Are your Muslim colleagues and employees acting a little weird the past 20 days?

  • Every time you pass their pc, you find them staring at the Nando’s homepage.
  • When you open your packet of slap chips, you can see how liss the person is because is literally drowning is in his own drool.
  • Every minute that goes pass, your muslim colleague keeps asking what’s the time? Everyone sitting around is so use to question that before he can ask the time, the whole department in chorus tells the time as the minutes change. It almost feels like you working for 1026 “when you hear the beep, it will be 14h00 and 20seconds”.
  • When you go for a smoke break, your smoking muslim buddie stalks you, he is not puffing away as usual but standing very close to you and is really invading your personal space.
  • When your Muslim colleague thinks no one is looking, he takes 40 winks, before you know it the whole floor is vibrating because the snoring is so loud.
  • Your muslim colleague arrives at the crack of dawn and leaves before sunset. Even on a Friday.
  • Everyday before you muslim colleague leaves his head is pinned against the window and he keeps asking you, “can you see it?” you reply ”what?” he says “the new moon”.

Ramadan has sprung on us the same time as spring this year. Saum/Fasting is a unique moral and spiritual characteristic of Islam. Fasting means to abstain “completely” from foods, drinks, intimate intercourse and smoking, before the break of the dawn till sunset during the entire month of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic year. In the evening additional prayer is performed. Fasting in Ramadan is obligatory on every responsible and fit Muslim. . This is a pillar of Islam, and any failure to observe it without reasonable excuses is a grave sin in the sight of God. Muslims wake up at pre dawn (about 4:30am) and have suhur which is a very early breakfast. The whole routine of a muslim person changes drastically during this month. Their sleep routine, eating patterns, literally change overnight. The body, mind and soul are tested and trained so that the person can practice self restraint.

The Quran(Muslim holy book) was revealed on The Night of Power/Laylatul Qadr in this month. There is great emphasis placed on reciting as much Quran as possible during this month.

The only obligatory fasting is that of Ramadan – which may be 29 or 30 days, depending on the moon’s positions. Ramadan ends with the holiday Eid ul-Fitr, on which feasts are held. Eid ul-Fitr starts the day after Ramadan ends, and is verified by the sighting of the new moon. Muslims give money to the poor and wear their best clothes.

The New Moon