About Nanima.co.za

Nanima means grandmother, ouma, gogo, dadima


  • Looking for peace of mind?
  • Is time flying by
  • Everyday an endless rat race?
  • Desperate for help but don?t know who to turn to?
  • Need someone reliable to look after your child?
  • Tired of takeaways and freezer food?
  • Craving for a hot home cooked meal?
  • Having a baby and you are clueless
  • Panicking about Ramadaan preparations?
  • Don’t know how your child will get to and from school?
  • Searching for Mr/Mrs Right?
  • Serious about marriage and looking for matchmaking that is free, confidential, discreet and safe?
  • Looking for the only shariah compliant online matchmaking solution?
  • Nanima’s/Housewives/Nana’s/Anyone

  • Sitting at home, looking for extra cash?
  • Looking for flexible part time work?
  • Suffering from empty nest syndrome?
  • Don’t know what to do with your free time?
  • Wasting your days watching soap opera repeats?
  • Have valuable home executive skills?
  • Have the energy, love and patience to work with children?
  • Willing to help families desperately in need for reliable assistance?
  • If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions then you are at the right place?

    Never fear, Nanima is near !!

    Help is on it’s way, Breathe


    For FREE, Nanima will assist in finding a suitable customised solution for you, in your area, close to home.



    1. Nanima knows someone in your area.

    2. Nanima refers you to someone in your area who might know someone that can help

    3. Nanima puts the word out for your on web or newsletter

    Nanima.co.za is a community building support system that bridges the gap between families in need of help and Nanima’s offering their reliable services. NANIMA.CO.ZA is a proudly South African initiative and caters for anyone, in any place and any country.

    Nanima is work in progress, made for the community by the community. Any tips on how we can become Super Nanima are welcome.


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