Obama bitter sweet victory – as his Nanima – maternal grandmother passes away

The first black African American president vs the first woman vice president or first woman president. History in the making. The winner will have lots of work to do especially regarding the recent economic crisis.

Barack Obama, with wife Michelle and daughters Malia Anna and Natasha

Barack Obama, with wife Michelle and daughters Malia Anna and Natasha

Obama – rolling up his sleeves

The final round of campaigning are almost over. If you notice Obama always has his sleeves rolled up. These are signs that he ready to get working. Signs of a man that wants get his hands dirty and fix the problems at home. Obama firmly believes he can change the country. With his sleeves rolled up it looks like he is ready to mop up all the mess made in the past.

Obama sleeves rolled up

Sad news on his part his Nanima Madelyn Dunham – maternal grandmother passed away at 86 after a long battle with cancer. Today will be his defining moment. Unfortunately she didn’t get a chance to vote for her grandson.

Hope his Dadima – paternal grandmother from Kenya Africa has a TV and will be watching how her grandson will become the most powerful man in the world.

Obamas Nanima Madelyn Dunham- Maternal Grandmother passed away on Monday

Obamas dadima - paternal grandmother

Obama’s dadima – paternal grandmother Sarah Obama

Mcain – the sad grandpa

Mcain is very old and battles with cancer like obama’s nanima. Will he make it through his whole term. If he wins and doesn’t last till the end.. will America have it’s first woman president, Sarah Palin – as she calls her husband “the first dude”- Tod Palin – snow mobile champion of the world.. is she insinuating what we all thinking..

Mcain Palin

Mcain Palin

Indiana is the battleground.

Find voting location


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