My little one was speaking to her nanima on Friday. In the background I heard commotion on the radio station my mother was listening to. I asked what’s happening, she said she doesn’t know. I switched on to the Radio Islam broadcast. I have never heard someone so excited, nervous, out of breath, confused, pumping with adrenalin and full of life ever on an Islamic radio station before. 2 criminals stole from a pharmacy and tried to escape by going down Cuckoo avenue in Lenasia close to the Radio Islam offices. It was the biggest mistake they could make because Azhar Vadi was on their tracks. He managed to get everyone who was listening worked up. “No, they in the school, no they not in the school, no they in this house, not they jumped into that house. No, there are 2, no there are 4.” All I could think was thank goodness my Nanima isn’t living in Lenasia Ext1, because if she heard all this commotion, her high blood pressure would have shot up sky high. For the elderly things like this could be fatal. I just found the whole broadcast very exciting but a little irresponsible because of the amount of worry and anxiety it caused especially to the parents of the school that was nearby the whole incident. As my mother said she hopes someone gave Azhar some sugar water to calm down.

Azhar Vadi at SABC community media awards

Azhar Vadi at SABC community media awards


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