Where’s Wally?

I have never seen so many grown man squirm in my life, like when we watched Wally’s open heart operation on TV. I hope he is doing well and not overindulging on the free Nandos. As Wally opened his heart to us, I am sure it was a real eye opener to all of us on how we abuse our bodies. The “Meet Wally’s Heart” campaign was initiated by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa to alert people to the dangers of poor lifestyle and dietary choices that lead to heart disease. A lot of people were disgusted that most of the adverts were sponsored by the unhealthiest food around. None the less, it was amazing to see how they rip open you chest to take out such a tiny little vessel that can be so fatal.When I saw them remove that vein or artery or whatever it was, it reminded me of when I wash my already washed chickens and remove all the remaining bloody parts. I am sure every Nanima would be great at open heart surgery. Deveining the hearts and then stiching the pieces back together.Pity I failed needlework and don’t wash my own chickens, otherwise I would have been great at it.


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