Oprah’s nemesis!!! The world is obsessed with this. It amazes me at how socially unacceptable fatness has become. What worries me more is that a person can be stick thin twiggy,lethargic and anorexic and this is totally accepted. Both are two extremes. The focus is totally lost. People are obsessed about weight instead of health. It doesn’t mean if a person is thin, they are fit. If you are battling with weight, either fat or thin, focus on FITNESS. Clear your mind, sit still thinking about nothing for 10 minutes a day increasing as the days go, focus on you breathing , start moving, break a sweat, exercise 30 minutes a day(brisk walking, running) , eat fibre/oats for breakfast, drink 6 glasses of water, be grateful for what you have, think happy thoughts, focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses, eat healthy foods especially fruits and veggies and most importantly find balance.

Fatness vs Fitness

Fatness vs Fitness


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