WILL ALL THOSE HASSLED APPLYING FOR A VISA PLEASE STAND UP? Last year Nanima went on her whirlwind European tour.

Wanted dead or alive

Wanted dead or alive

For preparations sake we asked the embassy for all their requirements. They gave us a long list and informed us my valid passport was not valid as it did not meet the requirements of 6 months. We know of a case where the passport was less valid but the person was given visa no questions asked. We battled to get our passport on record time from Home affairs thanks to all their efforts and great work. Nana has facial hair.. When we walked into the Embassy we saw a poster that looked like long lost brothers staring at us. Our war was long from over.
After we presented all the requirements, they had problems that my child has my husband’s surname and there is no proof I am her mother (after all the labour pains), they might think I am abducting my daughter. There was with a sworn affidavit from the SAPS to say I am her mother and that means nothing to them. Fair enough. On Eid’s day we went to a marriage officer and finally got legally married and we went to hospital to get proof that I was the mother of my child.
We take all that documents to them. Now the problem we are a family and we might settle down in there and never return. First we are not a family and now we are a family, we must ask my sister to go and get an “ALIENS DECLARATION FORM from there. At that moment she was 3 hours from the place where she had to get the form. Time was not our side. We had booked our plane tickets and could not cancel. They don’t take ticket reservations. At that point we were livid. My very very very patient husband (I know how patient he is because I tested it lots of time) almost lost it.
ROUND 4 At that stage I wrote a letter to the Ambassador of the embassy to intervene as we had complied with everything they asked and they keep on sending us on a wild goose chase. My sister also took all the trouble to go and fetch that document. The next day after the uproar we received the VISA immediately.
We missed the Rugby World Cup final because of all this damaal but on the bright side we saw lots of snow and my sister gave us a great time.
ROUND 5 KNOCKOUT Our trip went surprisingly smooth until we reached Stanford airport in London, where Nana’s facial hair was centre of attraction once again. Never ever book Cheapie R air. They cheap but their motto is let me find every loophole to make you pay extra and late so you have to buy another ticket. We missed our first flight – (debatable) thanks to her majesty that was parading at the Remembrance Day celebration that day. After waiting 2 hours in the security check line going through all the security checks where you have to drink all your water there at the checkpoint, take your belt and shoes out and leave your dignity behind. Nana gets stopped by the army pointing a gun at him (we were traveling with a 1 year old). Let’s just say although it was the highlight of his trip, he almost missed the second flight to Frankfurt if it wasn’t delayed. I wrote to the deputy minister of foreign affairs about the whole VISA fiasco but he has not mumbled any reply to date. If you have been a target please stand up and let us know about your experience. NANIMA’S VISA STANDUP TRAGEDY!!!

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali



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