People will rather bungee jump, sky dive, go on the tower of terror at Gold Reef City or chew from one side of the mouth for months then go to the dentist. I am a regular at the dentist. With that magic new gel that makes you numb before the injection comes, visiting the dentist is a breeze. Main reason for my regular visits and mouth full of fillings is my addiction to that black sugary fizzy poison. I have been to three dentists to fill this one tooth right at the back of the mouth. All three of them didn’t see the big hole on the side of the tooth. It was bigger then the groot gatjie in Kimberely. All three of them were filling the wrong place. (After using xray technology). The oral hygienist was right certain places only floss can reach. Only after I decided to extract it did the fourth dentist actually see the hole. I was diagnosed with acid erosion after the fourth visit as well. The only thing that can cure it is leaving the black poison and drinking more water. Cut down on achaar, chutney, vinegar salad dressing, and anything acidic… Dental timeshare, step closer to false teeth or change my ways. Eish, Let’s hope this week’s remedy will help my cause.


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