The price of petrol is going up once again. You’d think that especially now, when you are almost paying an arm and a leg for petrol the service will be efficient. For Thabo’s sake, a full tank of petrol is equivalent to a new dvd player or TV. Every time I go to this one petrol station, I just want to scream at their lethargy. They seriously need some competition. They are so slow and unfriendly. I find the red kind all over town has the same bad service, they have a star on their badge for nothing. I also noticed the blue brand is much friendlier and faster and more efficient. Every time I went to one of their stations 2 or 3 people run to help especially in Tshwane. I have been to a few blue ones and the service was consistent. Let’s take a poll: which petrol station has the best service? Engen BP Shell Caltex Sasol Total

Rising petrol price

Rising petrol price


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